Quainton Village Society - Aims and Objectives of the Society

Our overall objectives are:
  1. To steward and conserve the village's history
  2. To assist other organisations or initiatives that achieve these objectives
  3. To promote and safeguard the quality of life in the village

We are a registered charity, and we hold an annual meeting each autumn. The executive committee of four officers and between 5 to 9 other members meets monthly, and a Chairman's Newsletter is distributed every quarter to all members. We aim to be a positive and valued component of village life with a central or supportive role in a wide range of events, activities and functions. As such we hope to be viewed as an umbrella group caring about Quainton and we welcome opportunities for co-working or networking with other groups or people in Quainton. If there is anything else you would like to know about the Society, or if you would like to contribute to our activities in anyway, please contact the Chairman: Martin Jacobs, Telephone: 01296 651448, email: [email protected]